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2021 State of the Program

Seven Hills Ultimate started in 2015 with goals to bring together youth players from all across the Seattle area to train and compete at a high level, and to do so in a way that was equitable and accessible for all players. With these goals driving us, the club has steadily grown. We started with just 6 teams in 2015 and by the 20/21 season we had doubled in size, with 12 teams, 300 players, and 4 earned bids to USAU YCCs for our new summer program. Our trajectory continued to skyrocket and reach more players in the Seattle area than ever.

When the world came to a screeching halt in March of 2020 it was days before the Seven Hills Invite. Our community was crushed, no final games together, no celebrations, no closure.

This spring, in a community with fellow local disc programs like AGEUP and DiscNW, Seven Hills is excited to announce that we will begin programming once again. Our goal this year is to help rekindle our ultimate community, to shake off those physical cobwebs, and to compete at a high level. We will run both a high school program and a middle school program. They will be smaller than when we left off in the winter of 20/21. This is because we are going to be intentional about youth athletes returning to play, following recommended health guidelines, and ensuring players are not over committing their bodies & minds.

Our high school program’s goal is to create a high level community of players with an end goal of competing at a regional event at the end of August. Our middle school program’s goal is to provide an opportunity for players to reconnect with the Seattle ultimate community and build on and off field Ultimate skills.

As Seven Hills looks forward, we hope to return to where we left off after our 19/20 winter program. Our three year vision includes returning back to 12 teams (or more?!), winter and summer programming, and once again competing at the national level with U17 and U20 teams. We hope you will join us on this journey of regrowth.


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