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Coaches in the Seven Hills Ultimate Club are committed to being great role models and great coaches. They are knowledgable, experienced, passionate, and committed to their players, the program, and the sport.

Alyssa Weatherford
Coaching Director

Executive Director

Alyssa started playing Ultimate in 2000 at New Options Middle School and took her passion for the sport to Nathan Hale High School. She played her college career at Western Washington University, captaining in her last three seasons. She has now coached at WWU since 2011. Alyssa joined Riot in 2007, and is currently in her second season as captain. Her youth coaching experience includes the Seattle Academy of Arts and Science, Hamilton International Middle School, and Fryz ultimate club. Alyssa has also had the opportunity to coach internationally at clinics in Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Venezula, Argentina, and Brazil. She loves coaching players who work hard, strive to be leaders, and respect the people around them. 

Shannon O'Malley
Yellow Open Coach

Shannon began playing Ultimate at Eckstein Middle School in the 6th grade. They then went on to play at Nathan Hale High School, for the club team MoHo, and as a senior, started playing on Seattle Riot. Shannon also participated on the Jr. National team twice in '04 and '06. On to college, Shannon attended the University of Washington, winning Silver in '09 and the Callahan award in 2010. After graduating Shannon continued to play with Seattle Riot until 2015. Shannon played Seattle Mixtape as a practice player in 2017 and is now retired from playing competitive Ultimate. Shannon has been coaching since they were 16, Shannon emphasizes character growth, problem solving, and working as a unit on the field and off.

Nora Landri

Nora started playing ultimate in 2012 during her freshman year at the University of Washington. She quickly fell in love with the sport and the ultimate community. Nora played with Element for 4 years and captained the team in 2016. She went on to play with Team USA in 2015 and 2017 at the U24 World Championships, Seattle Riot from 2016-2018, and currently plays for Seattle Underground. Nora has coached at Nathan Hale, UCDS, the DiscNW Youth Camps, and the VC Ultimate Leadership Training Camp. She looks forward to coaching athletes that work hard together, embrace challenges, and celebrate their teammates’ successes! 

Benita Ki

Benita learned to play ultimate in 2005 during her junior year of high school; the metro Portland schools scrimmaged each other weekly. She played at the University of Puget Sound, captaining for two years. She's played a lot of mixed league, dabbled in club (including a year with Schwa and most recently, Mint), and is an avid goaltimate fan. She coached three years for Pacific Lutheran University Reign Women. As a coach, she enjoys working alongside her players to try new things, grind through challenges, and grow as holistic athletes.

Cameron Baker

I started playing frisbee at Pinehurst K-8 and have found a hidden love for the sport so I kept playing through high school at Rainier Beach. I played 3 years of under 20 during that time. I have just finished my first year with the University of Washington Sundodger.

Maddy started playing ultimate after college, while living in Busan, South Korea, and played all over Asia, including Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Maddy moved to Seattle in 2017 and now plays for Seattle Underground in the women's club division. She has coached at Seattle Girls' School, Franklin High School, Washington Middle school and for the 2019 national champion Seattle Blossom U17 YCC team. She currently coaches the Lincoln High School Varsity Gx team. In addition to coaching, Maddy is a Physical Education teacher in Seattle Public Schools. Her goal is to work to fight oppression and racial inequity with a focus on education and athletics. She prioritizes the importance of relationship building, and is inspired by players who buy into team culture, support their teammates, and who show up ready to work. She loves seeing players become more confident and empowered, both on and off the field. 

Maddy Stephenson

Laura started playing ultimate in elementary school at Kimball Elementary School. She has played for Ada Mercer MS, Franklin HS, DiscNW YCC, U20 World Juniors, and Seven Hills! She has coached for soufend high school girls and volunteered at multiple frisbee camps. Laura looks forward to coaching youth athletes that care about the ultimate community, are passionate about growth, and celebrate the team’s hard work. 

Laura To

Max Sheffield started playing ultimate in middle school at Eastside Preparatory School in 2008. Max has played for Fryz, YCC and the Whitman Sweets. Since 2019 Max has returned to Eastside Prep to coach middle school and high school ultimate. Coming from a background playing with small rosters, Max believes in building strong resilient teams that can support each other through adversity. Max is stoked to join Seven Hills and give back to the amazing Seattle youth ultimate community!

Max Sheffield

When Chris started playing frisbee in 5th grade he felt that he had finally found the sport for him. Chris brings that love for ultimate into every practice and every game with lots of energy and fire. Chris previously played for Ingraham High School and Seattle Bankroll. Chris has coached at Hamilton Middle School, Ingraham High School, and various summer camps around Seattle.

Chris Holt
Marlie Somers

Marlie found ultimate as a freshman in college as a founding member of the women's team at UMBC, outside Baltimore. They fell in love with the community aspects and have found playing and coaching ultimate a joy, especially as a branch of their lifelong commitment to experiential and justice-centered education. She believes in the power of ultimate to hold both competition and fun, so each player can find their own particular expression within the agreed-upon boundaries of the game while also building community.

Vinay Keefe

Vinay Keefe started playing Ultimate in middle school at the Seattle Waldorf School in 2010 and quickly fell in love with the tight-knit community. He has played for Ingraham HS, Fryz, YCC, Seven Hills, and the Swarthmore Earthworms (it’s an anagram!) captaining his senior year. Throughout high school and college, Vinay coached the Seattle Waldorf School MS, DiscNW summer camps, and the Shoreline Sports Foundation’s summer league. As a coach, Vinay strives to create a space where players come together to build a supportive, passionate, joyful environment.

Kate Kingery Nov 2021.png
Kate Kingery

Kate began playing ultimate on an intramural team at Carleton College. She found that she loved the sport and the people who played it. After playing for her college team Syzygy, Kate moved to Chicago where she played for the women’s club team Nemesis. She made her way to Seattle and played on Seattle Riot for many years, captaining a couple of seasons and then joining mixed team BFG. Kate has had the honor of playing at a number of world championships events, both grass and beach, bringing home medals from Dubai, Japan, Czech Republic, France, Canada, and Cincinnati. Her coaching includes leading the high school boys and girls varsity and middle school teams at the Bush school and coaching DiscNW summer camps for many years. She coached the Rainmakers, Seattle men’s semi-pro team and internationally in Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Russia, and Italy. Kate strives to develop players' belief in themselves, trust in their teammates, and discovery of what Spirit or the Game means to them.

Ciaran Pratley

Ciaran started playing ultimate in 3rd grade at SCDS where he played up into middle school. He is currently a Senior at SAAS and has been playing with them for the past 4 years. He has also played with Seattle YCC and Seven Hills. Throughout high school, he has coached various DiscNW camps, clinics, and leagues and this is his first year coaching at Seven Hills! He hopes to grow passion and love for the sport to the kids he coaches.

Penny Nguyen

Penny started playing ultimate in high school at Franklin High school and has loved frisbee ever since. She has played on Seattle YCC, Seattle Riot, University of Washington Element, and co-founded the club womxn's team END. She has coached Franklin JV for 4 years and multiple summer camps over the years. She believes in relationship and life skill building above all else and is excited to help everyone grow as players and people.

Taylor Kenneth

Taylor really loves ultimate. She grew up playing many sports but once she started playing ultimate in middle school she felt she had found her sport. She loves the ultimate community and the memories she continues to create on and off the field. She is so excited to coach Seven Hills this year. Taylor is looking forward to coaching youth athletes who want to have fun, grow and support their teammates.

Jean Russell

Jean started playing ultimate her senior year of high school in Denver, Colorado. She went on to play five years at the University of Colorado Boulder and captained for two years. She's played Ultimate in India, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Last season she played with Seattle Riot. Jean always admired the strength of the Seattle youth ultimate scene from afar and now is excited to participate as a coach!

Jordan Smith
Lorenzo Lalimarmo
June Rapisura
Nobi Lorenz
Gaby Payoyo