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2017 HS Boys Red & Blue Squad Roster Announcement

First of all, thank you to everyone again for coming out to Sunday’s tryouts and making it a fantastic event. We had 185 boys from 36 different schools across the city (and some beyond the city of Seattle!). That's a really special experience for everyone, and something unique to Seattle youth Ultimate. A cornerstone of the Seven Hills mission is to bring together youth players from all over Seattle to play and learn together at a high level, and you all made that happen Sunday. Thank you!

Our big hope is that everyone, even those not in the Seven Hills program this year, will continue playing and learning as much as possible. If we weren't limited by coach time, field space, and money, we'd have all 85 of the folks at tryouts in the program. 100%. Our goal is not to exclude, it's to include as many as possible with the resources we have this year, and hope others take advantage of outside opportunities and join us next year. Franklin was filled with great attitudes and talent on Sunday. Each of you should be proud of your contribution. We had to make some really tough decisions and felt honored to have so many fantastic people participate in the beginning of our season.

This email contains:

1. Seven Hills 2016 Rosters - you need to email to confirm that you're accepting your spot!! (See instructions below. There is a waitlist.)

2. Confirm your spot + Season Schedule

3. What to do if you aren't in the program this year and want feedback from us

4. Other opportunities to play ultimate!

Please read all of it, as well as our website (, before emailing us - there are many of you and only a handful of us! Thanks :)


1. Rosters

Red Boys 2016

Achilles Abella

Ben Lewis

Ben Perkel

Cameron Baker

Chase Aird

Connor Ryan

Dante Lopez-Escarez

Gabe Port

Hai Trang

Ivan Lee

Jasper Dean

John Randolph

Jovahn Cruz

Justin Jones

Kodi Smart

Leo Kitchell

Marc Munoz

Otis Williams

Ronnie Estoque

Samin Zachariah

Tony Goss

Tony Venneri

Zach Heffron

Late Tryout

Peter Johnson

Blue Boys 2016

Miles Haon

Adrian Lopez-Escarez

Martin Le

Carlos Cura

Kai Pressey

Kai Durvasula

Toshi Nagase

Matt Gold

Raymond Chan

Tyler Maruoka

Joshua Kutz

Logan Manta-Kennedy

June Rapisura

David Zhou

Gabriel Nobis

William Turner

Adam Jemal

Wiro Wink

Abe Gebreyesus

Connor Walsh

Jackson de Campos

Stephen Oun

Joey Baxter

Jealon Mendoza

2. Confirm/Relinquish Your Roster Spot

There is a waitlist to be in the program. Players must be able to commit to the mission, schedule, and all expectations of the program.

Please be aware that all players will be expected to not only attend training sessions, but to participate in team-wide leadership development and community service activities. These will be planned within the practice schedule linked below.

Please review the schedule to be sure that you can uphold your commitment to the program this season:

Next, please examine the player contract attached to the form below. Be sure that you can commit to upholding the program's mission, as well as the expectations detailed there, required of all members. For those accepting a spot in the program, the deadline to fill out the form and accept your spot is November 25th.

Please email if you have any other questions.

3. Feedback

All players on the above rosters will receive feedback at the start of Seven Hills Season.

If you did not make it into the program this year, and would like feedback on how you can improve as a player and/or teammate, please email us at with a brief self-reflection, responding to the 4 prompts in italics below.

This will be forwarded to the appropriate coach, who will respond with feedback for you. Please allow some time for this - we are in the heat of tryouts for the next 3 weeks. Requests for explanation of your placement will not be fielded without this self-reflection.

  1. What do you consider your current on-field strengths? Why? (Examples - breaking the mark, defensive footwork)

  2. What do you consider your current on-field weaknesses? What are you working on? Why?

  3. What do you consider your current strengths as a teammate or leader? Why? (Examples - resilience in the face of mistakes, accepting feedback, putting the team before myself, etc.)

  4. What do you consider your current weaknesses as a teammate or leader? What are you working on? Why?

4. Other Playing Opportunities!

We sincerely hope that all players, both within this year's program and beyond, will take advantage of as many opportunities to play and learn as possible.

Check out DiscNW’s youth home page:

Thank you again for all of the time, energy, and passion everyone put into our program by being part of tryouts. We hope to see everyone soon!

Seven Hills Ultimate Coaches & Directors --

Sarah, Alyssa, Shannon, Roger, Cathy, Chuck, Taylor, Dong Yang, Heather Ann, Ben, Charlie, Trent, Xtehn, Mandy, Trey, Nariah, Ky, Homer, Lexi


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