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Youth Club Championship Program

Seven Hills Ultimate Club will be adding a summer program that will be competing in August at USA Ultimate's Youth Club Championships. If you have some questions about this or us being a USAU Affiliate, you might find the answers below. If not, email us at


What does as USAU affiliation mean?

USAU affiliation means the Seven Hills program gets better and more affordable insurance. Our coaches also get more access to on field and safe sport training. We as program will also be able to apply for the YCC tournament in the summertime. 


How does this affect the winter program?

For the most part nothing changes. Players and coaches will be getting USAU memberships, but all is covered in the season fee. 


What does this mean for YCC and the summer?

A USAU affiliation gives Seven Hills a higher priority when placing a bid for YCC. Still Seven Hills is a much smaller organization than DiscNW. DiscNW was able to submit 5 bids, provide 3 coaches per team, transportation, food, and many other things to make the YCC experience special. We are working right now with our budget to make sure our athletes have what they need and YCC is accessible. 


Do you have to play Seven Hills’ winter program to play YCC?

Nope, we will still have tryouts. The winter program will be a valuable chance for athletes to get strong training and for our coaches to gain good insight to them as players and people. In the future this may change.


Is there a YCC tryout date set? When is the season? How many practices? When is the tournament?

March 22nd, times and locations TBD. We will start practices the week of June 1st. We plan on having two practices a week, with some time off around the 4th of July. The tournament is August 1-3rd in Blaine Minnesota. Here is more information about the tournament:


What does this mean for Seven Hills relations with DiscNW?

We love DiscNW and we are committed to helping grow youth ultimate in Washington. All three of the Seven Hills’ owners grew up playing Ultimate through DiscNW and want to continue collaborating with DiscNW to growth the sport. 


How many teams will 7hills send to YCC?

We are submitting bids for 4 teams, U20 boys (open), U20 girls (Gx), U17 boys (open), and U17 girls (Gx). This was a hard decision and tricky as one of our goals in to not grow too fast too soon and to stay within our scope. 


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