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U20 & U17 Summer Programming
Tryouts Registration Link:
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Coach Announcements (coming soon!)

U20 Gx:
U20 Mixed:
U20 Open*:
U17 Gx:
U17 Open:

Who: Anyone currently attending high school in the 2022-2023 school year or meets age requirements for the U20 division.

Those who have played a year of college ultimate are not eligible.

Rising 9th graders may tryouts for U17 and should also consider the U15 league.


Player's may self select into the division they are trying out for. See more details on the gender division guidelines and gender inclusion policy within the registration form. Everyone is welcome here.


Tryout for one of four teams attending the Youth Club Championships, August 5th-7th, in Aurora, Co. Hosted by USA Ultimate.

*U20 Open currently does not have a bid to YCC. We will find an event for this team to attend if we don't get a bid in Phase 2 or 3.

Season Practice Commitment:

3x / week.

All teams will practice on one weekend day.

All teams will have two additional meetings during the week.


Find the schedule here:

Cost of season -

$1700 to $2000, financial assistance is always available to those in need.

Families must purchase their own flights unless financial assistance is needed.



Open Tryouts - June 3rd OR 4th

(Anyone may sign up to tryout, required to be invited to the next stage of tryouts)

Invite only tryouts:

1 weekday AND 1 weekend day between June 5th and June 11th

Teams decided by June 18th

Cost of tryouts:

$100 - Financial Assistance Available. Indicate need in the google form above.

USA Ultimate Membership is required to participate in all practices, and the tournament. Become a member and sign waivers here:


Please look into the Play it Forward program if you need financial assistance with a USAU membership:

Reach out to Seven Hills if you need support accessing financial assistance/applying for grants with USAU.

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