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The Seven Hills Ultimate Club was

developed by Seattle Riot, in collaboration

with south end ultimate coaches,

Seattle Sockeye, and parents

of youth ultimate players.


OWNERS: Shannon O'Malley, Alyssa Weatherford, & Casey Ikeda



Executive Directors: Alyssa Weatherford


Treasurer/Business Manager: Chuck Shigley


Coaching Director:  Alyssa Weatherford

About Us

Steering Committee

The Seven Hills Ultimate Club steering committee is a diverse stakeholder group made up of coaches, players, and community representatives.


The group is responsible for laying out program goals, evaluating the program's status and progress, and making decisions to support the program’s mission and values.

Community Support

The success of the Seven Hills Ultimate Club depends on community support. 


Visit the "Want to Help Out?" tab to explore volunteer roles, or simply email us at if you are interested in lending a hand in any way, large or small.


We need you!

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